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Lower Port Road Whangarei
+64 9 430 2126
027 423 8064

Port Nikau is located approximately 11 nautical miles up the Whangarei
Harbour (through the clearly marked channel) at the entrance to the
Hatea River and before the opening bridge. Diesel is available at the
wharf and long term berthage can be arranged.
Wharf Berthage:
Port Nikau has 400 metres of wharf berthage available at competitive
rates. The wharves are suitable for yachts and launches, super yachts,
and commercial vessels of up to 8 metres draft. Bulk fueling/icing can
be arranged and truck access is available.
Floating Berthage:
Berthage is available for boats up to 30 metres, water and power are
available at all berths. Land suitably zoned for marine facilities and
activities is available. Located within easy driving distance of the
CBD, the area has numerous benefits for industrial and commercial
users including access to deep water and proximity to supporting
Phone: 027 423 8064 +64 9 430 2126 Email: info@portnikau.co.nz